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Blue Cord Homes

Blue Cord Homes represents the region’s finest properties with exceptional skill using the most innovative technologies currently available.

Beyond the expertise, we simply work hard, for you. We build relationships beyond transactions and offer military real estate consulting services to home owners, military home buyers and real estate investors throughout Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region. 

Are you looking for the hardest working professional to ensure the best possible outcome for a purchase, a sale, an investment decision or a military home search? Contact us.

Gordon & Cherise

Gordon & Cherise began from a heart to share real hope with the millions of people who suffer from pain worldwide. Daily alone in the United States, approximately 50 million are trying to cope with unimaginable bouts of chronic pain. Yet, in the big scheme of what life’s about, this topic of pain is rarely discussed in churches or among society itself.

There are real, practical answers about your chronic suffering hidden within the mysteries of your faith. You are not alone in your search for help. Join us every Wednesday for the latest podcast episode, where you’ll find wisdom, hope, truth, and hopefully, you will gain some joy back into your life!

Let’s dive into the deep waters of suffering to find the real treasures of hope and transformation for you today!

Malacca Interior

With our one-stop space planning, design and consultation services, we provide advisory and quotation for your budgeting with no string attached! Our own direct carpentry factory has over 30-years of experience ranging from residential, commercial, office, factory, retail, hospitality, public & private sector, and many others!

Malacca Interior is a leading company that innovates and integrates space-saving system technology into design. With aims to move towards a modern technology design era, we are constantly coming up with new innovative concepts with space optimization into existing and new interior design concepts.

Riverwood Homes Of Colorado

The Riverwood Company is an experienced and committed premier construction company. We specialize in new custom construction and are experts in luxury home remodeling.

We have worked with countless satisfied homeowners in every area of Colorado Springs, specializing in Monument, Tri-Lakes, Kings Deer, Flying Horse, Flying Horse North, Kissing Camels, Broadmoor and throughout Douglas County, including Parker, Larkspur, Castle Rock, Perry Park, Franktown and Elizabeth.

Sprout – AI Powered

Sprout.ai was founded on the belief that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to unlock the future of insurance, solving fraud detection and claims automation, while empowering insurers to deliver amazing customer experiences.

While other providers offer either claims automation or fraud filtering, Sprout.ai has been able to develop a light touch solution that delivers both.

The Reef

Invigorate your senses with nature right at your doorstep. Be enchanted by the lush foliage atthe numerous sky decks, green roofs and communal gardens around the estate.

Designed with the utmost respect for our environment, most homes are oriented for naturalcoolness. The bespoke facade and balcony screens provide a good balance of sunlight and sunprotection. The staggered blocks allow for natural ventilation and maximise the scenic views.

For its environmental impact and performance, The Reef at King’s Dock has been certified withthe Building and Construction Authority of Singapore Green Mark GoldPLUS standard.